Careers familiarisation visits to Royal Air Force Cosford

RAF Cosford are offering a range of familiarisation visits during Januray to June 2018

The visits are for candidates in years 10 and above in order to raise awareness of RAF career opportunities.   The RAF needs quality individuals for service in theRAF; to this end, RAF Cosford offers dynamic, focussed RAF CareersFamiliarisation Visits:

Aircraft Technician (Avionics, Mechanical, Weapons Technician &Survival Equipment Fitter familiarisation as required)

14 February;

14 March;

25 April;

22 May;

17 July

Cyberspace CommunicationsSpecialist (ICT Technician)

18 January;

15 February;

15 march;

26 April;

17 May;

21 June;

19 July.

RAF Police

17 January;

19 April;

14 June

Engineering Officer (Aerospace Systems and Communications Electronics);

25 January;

13 February;

13 March;

9 May;

18 July

Personnel Training Officer (Physical Training Instructor familiarisation alsoavailable as required on these dates);

28 February;

21 March;

18 April;

16 May;

14 June

More broadly, I providegeneral advice and guidance on the 60 full-time Regular and spare-timeReserve Branches and Trades available in the RAF.

Last updated: 18/12/2017