Welcome to the Business School Connector

Welcome to Business School Connector, the portal that enables businesses and schools to connect to support the workforce of tomorrow to develop the skills and aspirations they need.

Once you have registered your business or school please place an "advert" for the variety of activities you are looking to provide or looking for support in.  Once your advert has been placed your advert will go live on the site and will be able to be searched by other users. 

If you are a business only schools will be able to see your advert, if you are a school only businesses will be able to see your advert.

No contact information will be visible on the portal - contact information will only be available once a service request has been accepted by both parties.

If the service you wish to provide or request is not shown on the list of available activities, simply request a new service.  We will then approve the new service request and your advert will go live.

Thank you for registering on the portal and we hope that you will find it useful with creating greater business and school links.

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To get in touch with us please call 01952 381192 or email us at lifereadyworkready@telford.gov.uk

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