Successful Careers Speed Networking Event

Speed Networking with employers in Telford

Creating opportunities for young people to have encounterswith employers is high on everyone’s agenda.As part of the governments Career Strategy, every schools needs toensure their students have one encounter per year in years 7-13.

Newport Girls High School in Newport, Shropshire sawNational Careers Week, 5-10 March, as an opportunity to organise a trulyexciting and unique event.Inconjunction with Telford & Wrekin Council’s Life Ready Work Ready programmeand The Careers and Enterprise Company, they hosted their first ever speednetworking event.

Meeting employers face-to-face, over 500 students in years8-13 had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the different jobroles and industries.Students wereallocated a ‘pod’ of nine employers to interview.Having just five minutes with eachprofessions, students were able to ask as many questions as possible abouttheir professions, career paths and work experience.

In preparation for the event, students were asked abouttheir interests and thoughts about future careers.They were then matched to a pod with at leastone professional included from an area of the student’s interest.

An incredibly wide and diverse range of businesses wererepresented to share with students their experience and knowledge on the worldof work, including a female helicopter instructor and a defence and nationalsecurity expert. Other sectors andprofessionals ranged from: human resources to author; from care services todancer; from engineering to politician.

Some of the organisations who joined included; ReAssure,CapGemini, Telford & Wrekin Council, the armed forces, HMRC, Ambulanceservice, Schneider Electric.In additionto large employers, small companies and self-employed fielded questions aboutthe world of work from their perspective.

All students were encouraged to take part.When preparing for the Speed Networking, somestudents were nervous.Others were alittle unsure as what the benefits of taking part would be.Following the networking, all concerns weredispelled.

Teachers reported that many students approached them aftertheir pod sessions to say how much they had got out of it.Comments from students included:

I never once considered a career in the RAF before today but afterspeaking to the pilot I am incredibly keen on looking into this in more detail.

I can’t believe all thesedifferent careers exist, I had no idea jobs could be so varied.

I got so much out of today, it has made me realise there are lots ofdifferent routes unto lots of different careers.

In the days thatfollowed, an incredible buzz around the school was reported.Teachers notices how incredibly positive thestudents were and the curiosity the event evoked.

Businesses were equally as enthusiastic following theevent.All saying how much theythoroughly enjoyed the day, even if their throats were a little sore after theevent.One Employer said:

Thank you for a fantastic event, really enjoyed it and the girls seemedexcited and enthused.

Last updated: 13/04/2018